Help Deaf Kids Talk, Inc
Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Speech and Hearing Websites
1.     National Hearing Conservation Assocaition:
2.     American Academy of Audiology:       
3.     Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf:
4.     Listen Up:
5.     Auditory Verbal UK:
6.     National Association for the Deaf:
7.     Deaf Linx:
Cued Speech Websites
1.     What is Cued Speech?
2.     National Cued Speech Association:
3.     Cued Speech at University of South Florida:
4.     Cued Language Netowrk of America:
5.     Language Matters:
6.     Cued Speech Discovery:
Sertoma Websites
1.     Greater Tampa Sertoma Club:
2.     Sertoma-Central Florida District:
3.     Sertoma International: